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Company Overview

Radin Yekta Maham Technical and Engineering Company, with a great passion and bright vision for the future, was established in 2019 as a dynamic and capable group. During these years, to synergize expert and experienced forces in the industry, Radin Yekta Maham is ready to provide services such as:

Power plant full services, team building, and formation of contracting groups in the fields of engineering consulting and supervision, supply of spare parts, troubleshootingand services (overhaul and repairs) of power plants and industrialized turbines.

To carry out high-quality work, in Radin Yekta Maham Company, great sensitivity is taken in the process of attracting and hiring people and business partners of contractors invarious fields, and they generally have very high experience and executive records and are among the well-known people in the field of repairs in power plants in the country.

Radin Yekta Maham services

Overhaul & Maintenance
Equipment Supply
Gas Turbine Services
Repairs Contracting
Gas Turbine, Consumbtion Chamber, BOP, ...
Advanced Troubleshooting
Fact Finding for Power Plant Equipment
Advanced Vibration Analysis
Balance of more than 140 gas & steam units
Rotary Equipment
Case repairs for all kinds of rotary equipment
Consultancy, Procurement & Installation
Of all types of gas and diesel engines forsmall-scale power plants , HGP, MO, LTE, ...


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